Junkin Law Office represents individuals and businesses in tax disputes in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Approachable and highly experienced. We will help you understand your rights and options.

If you have a dispute involving income tax or GST assessments or reassessments, don’t face the CRA alone.

Junkin Law Office represents individuals and businesses in tax disputes in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Junkin Law Office: Making Taxation Accessible

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

It’s an old cliché that doesn’t set the stage for a cheerful attitude toward taxes or the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Whether you are an individual or business, Junkin Law Office understands that dealing with tax law in general — and the CRA in particular — is often incredibly stressful. The CRA is large and powerful, and many of our clients come to us feeling a bit like David facing Goliath.

We try to take some of the fear and confusion out of dealing with the CRA, and to give you a sense of control.

Information, Representation, And Defence Of Taxpayers’ Rights

Some of our clients just want information. They want to know about their situation and deal with their dispute on their own, either out of a sense of responsibility or to save money.

Others want to be as far away as possible from what has become a confusing and distressing situation. They want someone to act as a barrier between them and CRA.

Most clients and potential clients are somewhere in between.

The help we can give often depends on where you are in the process:

  • Some clients come to us for advice on Voluntary Tax Disclosure, seeking to avoid possible future difficulties.
  • Others come to us right after they have been reassessed for income tax or GST. We can advise them on possible strategies such as filing an objection, pursuing tax correction/rectification, or asking for taxpayer relief.
  • We also examine settlements offered by the CRA or the Department of Justice, discussing priorities, helping clients understand the settlement offered, and helping them decide whether accepting it is to their advantage.
  • Occasionally we get calls from people who have pursued every avenue and are at the end of the line, including those who have missed deadlines to object. If the only option is a bankruptcy lawyer or criminal defence lawyer, we have a network of trusted fellow professionals to refer to.

We also work with fellow professionals, such as accountants and business and estate lawyers, who ask for our help on behalf of their clients. We can either act as advisers to the other professionals, or deal directly with their clients.

Although we do not take on complex tax planning or tax-related criminal matters, we can also answer general questions and offer advice on Employment Insurance/CPP matters.

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