About Junkin Law Office

At Junkin Law Office, we deliberately keep our office and our practice approachable and informal. Most of our clients are dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which is not famous for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Our clients are under enough stress; they don’t need a visit to their stuffy lawyer to add to it.

Our own relationship with the CRA is fairly positive. Our founding lawyer spent many years working for the Department of Justice, as well as a major Canadian law firm. We are comfortable with the language, the procedures and the people involved in tax law, and are often able to work out productive settlements for our clients.

Our clients are businesses, corporations, individuals, trusts, fellow professionals — basically, anybody who wants our help. We not only provide advice and assistance with document preparation and filing, but also regularly represent clients in Tax Court of Canada and have pursued cases as far as the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our founding lawyer has devoted her career to tax dispute issues, educating members of the public on their own rights and responsibilities and helping them through their dealings with the CRA in whatever way works best for their unique situation.

In her spare time, she restores vintage travel trailers and enjoys camping with her husband and dog.

For more information on our lawyer, see her profile below.

Contact Junkin Law Office

Junkin Law Office is located in North Vancouver and serves clients throughout the region, as well in Langley, Surrey and nearby parts of British Columbia. We are accessible by public transportation (the SeaBus and bus service) and have free parking available.

We also take advantage of our location and lack of formality to offer thorough, efficient legal services from a lawyer with 25 years of experience at a much lower cost than is possible at a downtown firm.

Call our office at 604-239-3346 or contact us online. Initial consultations, leading to a productive working relationship, are at a reduced rate.