Seeking Taxpayer Relief

For some of our clients, there is no question that the CRA is right and they are wrong. Other clients may feel that they are right, but that fighting the CRA might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Both may face not just paying unpaid taxes, but also interest and penalties — for payments missed, income not declared, and a host of other errors and misunderstandings.

Happily, sometimes the interest and penalties are not inevitable.

There are procedures in place to help you, even if you agree that the mistake was yours. In certain circumstances, the CRA may be persuaded to cancel or reduce penalties or interest, accept late elections, or ignore normal limitation periods.

At Junkin Law Office, we can help you persuade the CRA.

Relief May Be On The Way

If you are involved in a dispute over income or GST, our lawyer can help you understand your options and decide on the best course to get taxpayer relief:

  • Cancelling or waiving penalties or interest: Penalties can be waived for a number of reasons, including extraordinary circumstances, financial hardship, and the CRA’s own actions. We know what reasons are likely to be useful to you, and the evidence needed to support your point of view.
  • Late, amended or revoked elections: In some situations you may be able to file an election past the due date, or cancel or modify an election.
  • Reducing the amount payable, or getting a refund: Usually there is a time limit to claim a refund or request an adjustment. In certain circumstances, this limit can be waived.

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